Otoplasty is the term used for ear pinning or re-shaping of the ears.  This is indicated when the ears appear large or malformed and patients commonly come to see us because they would like more normal looking ears.  When the cartilages in the ear overdevelop or fail to fold in the correct locations the ears can stick out from the head and appear un-natural.  We are able to reduce the portion of the ears that causes them to protrude from the head and also can create folds in the ear when they are lacking which helps the ear take on a more natural appearance. Although this procedure could be done under local anesthesia, prefer our patients to be comfortable and this is typically done under IV sedation or general anesthesia. Recovery is generally straightforward. An ear dressing is applied for one week to help keep the formation of the ear as we have desired.  Initial results although good, final results are typically seen around 4-6 months.  Given the elastic nature of ear cartilage we expect some relapse so the ears may appear over done in the initial few weeks or months, as the ear heals it will predictably relapse some.