man noticing hair lossHair Restoration

Hair loss does not have to be something you live with.  The majority of men and many woman experience symptoms of hair loss as they get older.  There are many different reasons for hair loss; including medication side effects, autoimmune diseases, genetic, hair style, or chemotherapy. 

Men typically present with what is known as male pattern hair loss. This tends to be a recession of hair in the temples and the frontal hairline as well as in the top of your head.  This type of hair loss is related to testosterone and its inhibitory effects on the hair follicle with time.  Medications to block this effect can be effective in slowing hair loss but have a large side effect profile.  Other options which we provide are much better tolerated and we see great results and happy patients.  

woman examining her hair

Female pattern hair loss tends to be seen as generalized thinning of hair, which is worse along the top of the head where the hair is typically parted as well as in the temporal and frontal hairline.  Although typically not as drastic of loss as we see in men, women typically wear their hair longer and see problems with breakage, thinning and shedding. 

It is normal to shed hair and regrow hair, when the cycle is working correctly we keep the amount of hair we have. When the pendulum swings and we are losing faster than we can regrow that’s when we start to notice the hair loss.  You are not alone, hair loss is a very common and very treatable.  Many women experience hair loss in times of stress, during and after pregnancy and with hormonal changes with menopause.  

Drs. Lohr and Hollabaugh are trained to restore your hair health, help get your hair back, and minimize future loss. Visit the following pages to find out more about our offerings or call our office to schedule an appointment today.