Lip Lift

As we age our upper lip loses volume and increases in length.  If you have noticed that your smile is no longer as bright or that you cannot see your upper teeth then a lip lift may be a procedure you are interested in discussing with your facial cosmetic Surgeon.  Dr. Hollabaugh is fellowship trained in facial cosmetic surgery including extensive training in the lift lip procedure.  Volume replacement to a thinning upper lip that has increased in length and is covering the upper teeth usually only makes the problem worse.  As the filler is injected into the upper lip it provides even more weight and typically worsens the problem.  Few facial surgeons are trained in an upper lift lip procedure.  Shortening the upper lip aids in facial rejuvenation and allows for a more beautiful smile.   This procedure can be performed with local anesthesia, IV sedation or general anesthesia.  If you think you would benefit from an upper lip lift, Dr. Hollabaugh will discuss the procedure with you in detail and discuss expected results and post op care during a consultation appointment.